A Bitter Field

A Bitter Field

By Jack Ludlow

Allison & Busby, Hardcover, 9780749008420, 383pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2012

1938. While Hitler sets his sights on the Sudetenland, not everyone in Britain is willing to appease him. Convinced that the Fuehrer's land-hunger is insatiable, the head of the SIS recruits Cal Jardine to help him prove that Czechoslovakia is threatened with invasion. As jealousy and mutual suspicions within secret service ranks make it impossible for Jardine to tell friend from foe, he rediscovers old friends of dubious loyalty and makes new enemies of untested ruthlessness. The final installment in Ludlow's sweeping series in the pre-WW2 European powder-keg.REVIEWS "A vivid, authentic flavour of those turbulent times, laced as it is with carefully worked-in historical detail that's informative without being intrusive Historical Novels ReviewReview11729294357A Bitter Field" is a real page-turner which offers an authentic flavour of those turbulent times. "Joint Forces Review, 2012/05.

About the Author
Jack Ludlow is the pen name of writer David Donachie, who was born in Edinburgh in 1944. He has had a variety of jobs, including selling everything from business machines to soap. He has always had an abiding interest in the naval history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which he drew upon for the many novels he has set in that period. The author of a number of bestselling books, he now lives in Deal with his wife, the novelist Sarah Grazebrook.