The DailyCandy Lexicon

The DailyCandy Lexicon

Words That Don't Exist But Should

By Daily Candy (Editor)

Virgin Books, Paperback, 9780753513064, 120pp.

Publication Date: March 9, 2010


Women the world over have been nursing a powerful addiction—to A daily email newsletter covering absolutely everything (from lacy bras that actually fit to restaurant openings to children's museums), it's the ultimate insider's guide to what's new and undiscovered. It's like having a great conversation with a girlfriend—a girlfriend who tells you where to get your eyebrows threaded, knows when the best sample sales are, and can make you laugh really hard. Beloved as much for its witty, edgy writing as it is for its far-reaching information, DailyCandy has also grown into the go-to site for the latest in hip expressions, defining and inventing words and terms that just are becoming popular—or should be. Smart, funny, and sassy, The DailyCandy Lexicon is a compilation of these definitions, invaluable whether you're a "girleen" (a young sassy woman) or a "SoDeeWah" (socialite/designer/whatever). Accompanying the listing is a behind-the-keyboard narrative of how the DailyCandy staff came up with the entries. Maybe you're tired of talking the way you've talked for years (please stop calling things "dope"), or maybe you're embarrassed that you didn't know what your cubicle-mate meant by "desk burn" (it's an injury sustained during in-office sex).