Grievous Angel

Grievous Angel Cover

Grievous Angel

By Quintin Jardine

Headline Book Publishing, Hardcover, 9780755356928, 409pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2011

Edinburgh's toughest cop, Bob Skinner, looks into his past to assuage his demons in Quintin Jardine's thrilling new mystery
Skinner revisits his nightmares: old but not forgotten. Fifteen years in the past, newly promoted Detective Superintendent Bob Skinner is called to investigate a most brutal death. A man lies at the deep end of an empty swimming pool, his neck broken and almost every other bone in his body shattered. Soon, an organized crime connection looms, and bloody retribution spreads to a second city. Violence thenerupts on a new front, as a vicious knifeman seems to be targeting Edinburgh's gay population. As if this double dose of homicide isn't enough for a single man with a teenage daughter to raise and protect, Skinner's personal life takes a similar, perilous twist. Can he stay on the side of the angels, or will he fall?

About the Author
Once upon a time . . . Quintin Jardine was born in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, but he escaped, and now lives in East Lothian and from time to time in Spain, with his wife and extended family. He is the author of thirty-eight best selling crime novels, all published by Headline, a member of the Hachette Group (or 'Hatchet' as it was memorably pronounced by an Australian Chairperson). 'Hour of Darkness', which was published in June 2014, is the twenty-fourth to star his creation, Chief Constable Bob Skinner, who made his debut twenty-one years ago in 'Skinner's Rules'. His second, and slightly anarchic, series featured actor-detective Oz Blackstone, and ran to nine books. He brought that to a natural end with 'For the Death of Me', and moved swiftly on to the Spanish-based Primavera Mysteries, of which the fifth, 'As Serious as Death', was published in November 2013. Amidst all that, he found time to produce two standalone novels, 'The Loner', and most recently, 'Mathew's Tale', his first venture into the historical genre.

Praise For Grievous Angel

"Jo Bannister, Peter Turnbull, and Ian Rankin can be considered read-a-likes, but when it comes to the depiction of a multilevel police force in action, Jardine . . . stands alone."  Library Journal on Death's Door

"Remarkably assured . . . a tour de force."  New York Times on Skinner's Rules

"longtime fans will relish the revelations about [Skinner's] childhood."—Publishers Weekly