The Gold Coast Cure's Fitter, Firmer, Faster Program

The Gold Coast Cure's Fitter, Firmer, Faster Program

Get a Killer Body Without Killing Yourself

By Ivy Larson; Andrew Larson

Health Communications, Paperback, 9780757305566, 303pp.

Publication Date: December 26, 2006


Ditch the Unrealistic Low-Carb-Fat-Cal Diets and Enjoy a Simpler, Healthier "Whole" Approach to Weight Loss

From the authors of the mega-hit weight-loss guide The Gold Coast Cure

Let's be honest. Most diet books are so restrictive and extreme that without tremendous willpower, the average person is bound to fail. All that is about to change with The Gold Coast Cure's Fitter, Firmer, Faster Program. Written by a doctor and his wife whose breakthrough approach has helped thousands take off the poundsand fight disease, this program--designed with real life in mind--will help you slim down without deprivation, starvation, and complete frustration.

Based on sound science, this three-pronged plan--a whole-foods diet, six supplements, and just thirty minutes of exercise three days a week--really works. The secret is not in what you can't have but what you can have. You'll learn how to trade harmful fats for healthy fats, swap refined carbs for whole carbs, and choose real foods with real nutrients that help burn fat. Best of all, you'll have the freedom to enjoy pasta, potatoes, bread, chocolate, and even a glass of wine or beer a day-every day-and still lose weight

This easy-to-follow guide comes complete with: Over 50 delicious recipes plus two weeks of meals you can make in under 30 minutes Two do-at-home or take-to-the-park workouts that burn fat and build lean muscle A Brand-Name Shopping Guide that will save you time at the grocery store

Say goodbye to that belly, or your apple or pear shape--it's time to get Fitter, Firmer, Faster.

About the Author
Ivy Larson is a certified health fitness instructor. She teaches cooking classes throughout the Palm Beach area and also conducts "Eight-Week Lifestyle Makeover" programs at wellness facilities in south Florida.

Andrew Larson, MD, is a board-certified general surgeon with special interests in surgical nutrition. The couple lives in Jupiter, Florida.