Burst This!

Burst This! Cover

Burst This!

Frank McKinney's Bubble Proof Real Estate Strategies

By Frank McKinney

Hci, Hardcover, 9780757313837, 372pp.

Publication Date: February 13, 2009


Tired of all the bubble-talk, all the doom and gloom?

Here comes Frank McKinney to help you wash away the worry the anxiety financial theorists and misguided media constantly dump into the real estate marketplace.

From first-time home buyers to seasoned real estate deal-makers, investors of all experience levels can now turn the bubble mentality inside out. You'll transform it into a protective force field and even a crystal ball, allowing you to accurately forecast your real estate future.

About the Author
Frank McKinney is a two-time international bestselling author, philanthropist, and extreme risk-taker best known for his unprecedented success as a real-estate "artist" and visionary. From his modest first $50,000 fixer-upper in 1986 to his first $2.2 million spec home on the ocean in 1992, McKinney has created and sold 36 oceanfront properties with an average selling price over $15 million. Now into 2009 and beyond, the world's wealthiest clamor for his masterpieces, each inspired by exotic locales and infused with vivid imagination. McKinney was recently recognized as one of the ten most influential people in luxury real estate and is the creator of two of the largest and most opulent "green" spec homes in the world, priced at $29 and $30 million. He lives with his wife, Nilsa, and their daughter, Laura, in Delray Beach, Florida. Visit Frank-McKinney.com and Burst-This.com.

Proceeds from all book sales go to benefit the good works of McKinney's Caring House Project Foundation, which provides a self-sustaining existence for some of the most desperately poor and homeless families around the world.