Dear Old Love

Dear Old Love Cover

Dear Old Love

Anonymous Notes to Former Crushes, Sweethearts, Husbands, Wives & Ones That Got Away

By Andy Selsberg (Editor)

Workman Publishing, Hardcover, 9780761156055, 174pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2009

Call it wisdom of the heart. Or the broken heart.
A knowing, funny gift for everyone who's ever been in love and then out of love: the newly single, the lonely-hearted, and even the happily re-paired. "Dear Old Love" is a collection of anonymous love notes to the ones who got away or were left behind. They're the notes that ex-lovers have written to set the record straight. Or crooked. They're concise, witty, melancholy, revealing, sweet, sentimental, outrageous, withering, indignant, sometimes all at the same time. And like a pitch-perfect little poem, each entry paints a complete picture with just a handful of apt words: ""A current snapshot of you erased 25 years of fantasizing about what could have been."" Or: ""I don't care that you miss my dog. When you cheated on me, you cheated on him, too."" Or: ""I say 'I love you' to people all the time now, to make that time I said it to you mean less.""
And for anyone wanting help to write their own love note, the book ends with clever fill-ins: ""I wonder if we d still be together if I had just admitted I was a ____, instead of saying you had a ____ so big it blocked out the _____."" Try it on someone you loved.

About the Author
Andy Selsberg has written for "The Onion", "GQ", "Oxford American",, and other publications. He is also a adjunct lecturer of English at John Jay College, CUNY, and a former stand-up comedian. He lives in New York City and his website is