Missed Connections

Missed Connections Cover

Missed Connections

Love, Lost & Found

By Sophie Blackall

Workman Publishing, Paperback, 9780761163589, 128pp.

Publication Date: September 22, 2011

In her first book for adults, the artist Sophie Blackall creates a deeply felt, poignant book about love a book that captures the mystery, the yearning, at times the cosmic humor behind the what if? of a missed connection.Like a message in a bottle, a missed connection" classified (usually posted on a website) is an attempt however far-fetched, by one stranger to reach another on the strength of a remembered glance, smile, or blue hat. The anonymous messages are hopeful and hopeless, funny and sad. Ms. Blackall, award-winning illustrator of "Ruby's Wish" and "Big Red Lollipop," has turned some of the most evocative (or hilarious) of them into exquisite paintings. "Missed Connections" is a collection of illustrated love stories. There's We Shared a Bear Suit. If Not for Your Noisy Tambourine. Hairy Bearded Swimmer. Each is told in the shorthand of a missed connection, and then illustrated in Chinese ink and watercolor. The paintings are extraordinary: delicate yet full of feeling, each springing from one little detail of the post into a fully imagined world. Each brings the voyeuristic pleasure of watching love at first sight, and the pleasure of watching an artist discover a fresh new way to tell a story. And not all the connections are missed. Hidden in the book are three pieces that conjure up the magic of love found.

About the Author
Sophie Blackall is an Australian illustrator whose previous books include "Ruby's Wish" and "Meet Wild Boars". She also illustrates the Ivy & Bean series.Sophie lives in Brooklyn, New York and can be visited at sophieblackall.com.

Missed Connections


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