The Mom 100 Cookbook

The Mom 100 Cookbook Cover

The Mom 100 Cookbook

100 Recipes Every Mom Needs in Her Back Pocket

By Katie Workman

Workman Publishing, Paperback, 9780761166030, 352pp.

Publication Date: April 3, 2012

Introducing the lifesaving cookbook for every mother with kids at home the book that solves the 20 most common cooking dilemmas. What's your predicament: breakfast on a harried school morning? "The Mom 100 s" got it Personalized Pizzas are not only fast but are nutritious, and hey, it doesn t get any better than pizza for breakfast. Kids making noise about the same old lunch? "The Mom 100 s" got it three different Turkey Wraps, plus a Wrap Blueprint delivers enough variety to last for years.Katie Workman, founding editor in chief of and mother of two school-age kids, offers recipes, tips, techniques, attitude, and wisdom for staying happy inthe kitchen while proudly keeping it homemade because homemade not only tastes best, but is also better (and most economical) for you. "The Mom 100" is 20 dilemmas every mom faces, with 5 solutions for each: including terrific recipes for the vegetable-averse, the salad-rejector, for the fish-o-phobe, or the overnight vegetarian convert. Fork-in-the-Road variations make it easy to adjust a recipe to appeal to different eaters (i.e., the kids who want bland and the adults who don t). What the Kids Can Do sidebars suggest ways for kids to help make each dish.

About the Author
Katie Workman is the author of "Dinner Solved!" and "The Mom 100 Cookbook." She is also the founding editor in chief of; a regular contributor to NPR; columnist for the Associated Press and "Eating Well "magazine, and a food writer whose articles have appeared in "The Wall Street Journal, Everyday with Rachael Ray, New York "magazine, The Daily Beast,, and many others. She also posts regularly on her blog, She sits on the board of City Harvest, New York s leading food rescue nonprofit, and lives with her husband and two children in New York City.

The Mom 100 Cookbook


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