Shaggy Dogs, Waggy Dogs

Shaggy Dogs, Waggy Dogs Cover

Shaggy Dogs, Waggy Dogs

By Patricia Hubbell; Donald Wu (Illustrator)

Cavendish Square Publishing, Hardcover, 9780761459576, 32pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2011

Shaggy dogs. Waggy dogs. Pencil-thin

and saggy dogs. Dogs like to curl

up in your lap and take a cozy, snoozy

nap. From shy dogs to bold dogs to ittybitty

pretty dogs, there are all kinds of

pups that make lovable pets. Dogs do

many things. They lick you, chase you,

dig holes, go for long walks, and more.

Dogs also make good cuddle buddies.

Donald Wu's soft illustrations rendered

in pencil over acrylic make you want to

curl up with your favorite canine and

read this book. Woof

About the Author
Patricia Hubbell has been writing poetry since she was eleven years old. In 1998, her Wrapping Paper Romp was selected as a Parents Magazine Book of the Year. Patricia Hubbell lives with her husband, Harold Hornstein, in Easton, Connecticut, the small town where she was born. Remembering how much their children and grandchildren loved to bounce when they were very young prompted her to write Bouncing Time. "Bouncing is one of the joyous things little kids do," she says. "It reflects their constant enthusiasm."

Born in Hong Kong, Donald Wu grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He studied illustration at the California College of the Arts. Donald's current focus is in children's book illustration, but he also has experience with portraiture and editorial artwork. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.