Letters from Berlin

Letters from Berlin

A Story of War, Survival, and the Redeeming Power of Love and Friendship

By Margarete Dos; Kerstin Lieff

Lyons Press, Hardcover, 9780762777983, 358pp.

Publication Date: October 2, 2012

When Margarete Dos moved with her family to Berlin on the eve of World War II, she and her younger brother were blindly ushered into a generation of Hitler Youth. Like countless citizens under Hitler's regime, Margarete struggled to understand what was happening to her country. Later, as a nurse for the German Red Cross, she treated countless young soldiers recruited in the eleventh hour to fight a losing battle they would die before her eyes as Allied bombs racked her beloved city. Yet, her deep humanity, intelligence, and passion for life which sparkles in every sentence of her memoir carried Margarete through to war's end. But just when she thought the worst was over, and she and her mother were on a train headed to Sweden, they were suddenly rerouted deep into Russia This powerful account draws back the curtain on a piece of history that has been largely overlooked the nightmare that millions of German civilians suffered, simply because they were German. That Margarete survived to tell her tale so vividly and courageously is a gift to us all.

Praise For Letters from Berlin

"After more than half a century of silence, a World War II survivor shares her terrifying experience of the war from the other side. Everyone should know this story of the survival of the spirit."

--Mary McKay Maynard, author of My Faraway Home