Captain Dad

Captain Dad

The Manly Art of Stay-At-Home Parenting

By Pat Byrnes

Lyons Press, Hardcover, 9780762785209, 248pp.

Publication Date: May 7, 2013

Pat Byrnes worked at home and made his own hours. His wife's job (Illinois Attorney General) was not so flexible. So when the first baby came, he naively volunteered to go where few men have gone before and stay home with the kids. On one condition. He wouldn't be called Mr. Mom, but . . . Captain Dad. Byrnes has collected his insights in the first book about stay-at-home fatherhood by a professional humorist who has lived the part. He reports on the front lines of modern parenting, tackling all of the expected subjects, like sleep deprivation and the constant battle against Disney for your child's affections. But he also covers the less expected, more random moments on the job and the surprising insights they offer. From the absurd pride that comes from being able to change a diaper almost anywhere to the surprising talent you develop for improvising answers to Life's Most Important Questions, such as "Why is bird poop white?" With wit, pith, and vinegar, Byrnes examines this hitherto unexamined life and finds it worth living.

About the Author
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to create cartoons, but Pat Byrnes erred on the side of caution, getting his aerospace degree at Notre Dame in 1981. His science skills have languished, however, as he has spent most of the last 25 years following his love of writing, acting, and cartooning--and most recently as a stay-at-home dad. Since 1998 he's been a regular contributor to the New Yorker.

Praise For Captain Dad

“An absolutely delightful addition to the parenting canon from ‘Captain Dad’ (don’t call him ‘Mr. Mom’) Pat Byrnes. Captain Dad illustrates (literally, with a dozen or so laugh-out-loud cartoons) the ‘manly art’ of stay-at-home parenting. He pulls it off with great wit, warmth, and some bombshell revelations. Never would I think of a jockstrap as part of the parenting uniform or that (outrageously!) dads don’t have ‘potty parity’ in diaper changing rooms. And as a mom, this is a must-have book for sweet vindication alone. Captain Dad confirms that when it comes to fulltime parenting, wimps need not apply. Welcome, Captain Dad, to our tired, unwashed, unpaid, and undervalued army. Now, let’s get you some yoga pants!” 
—Linda Keenan, author of Suburgatory