Piggy and Dad

Piggy and Dad

Brand New Readers

By David Martin; Frank Remkiewicz (Illustrator)

Candlewick Press (MA), Boxed Set, 9780763613273, 32pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2001

Based on what experts know about how children learn to read, BRAND NEW READERS are short, funny stories with words and pictures that help children reading for the very first time succeed--and have fun
BRAND NEW READERS are for children who are just cracking the reading code. Readers ages four to seven can master BRAND NEW READERS immediately--even the first time through.
BRAND NEW READERS are funny and appealing stories, irresistibly packaged, and just right for first-time readers. Each title in this unique series includes four high-quality, full-color, eight-page paperback books in a sturdy slipcase. Kids will want to collect them all
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About the Author
David Martin is the author of many award-winning books, including five Little Piggies and some of Candlewick Press's most popular Brand New readers: Monkey Trouble. Monkey Business, Piggy and Dad, and Piggy and Dad Play. Of this book he says, "We've All Got Bellybuttons! was originally a song about the things we have in common with elephants. Whenever I sing it to children, I always stop and say, 'But there's one special thing I'm thinking about that I have, and you have, and elephants have too. Can you guess what it is?' Over the years kids have guessed heart, feet, blood, bones, skin, hair, souls, and love. But no one has ever guessed bellybutton!" David Martin lives in Lyndonville, VT.

Frank Remkiewicz illustrated the MathStart Books Rabbit's Pajama Party and Just Enough Carrots. He lives in Sarasota, FL. In His Own Words...

"I was the kind of kid who was always reading or drawing. Since I was drawing well before I started school, I always considered art to have seniority over the likes of long division and medieval history. This attitude got me into difficulties more than once. My favorite subjects were horses, cartoons, wildlife, and contraptions that rolled, floated, tooted, or flew. My heroes of the day were illustrators like Bill Peet, Robert Lawson, and Kurt Weiss. They provided me with a screenful of imagery that I'll never forget.

"Winter in kindergarten found us all painting Santas at our tables. Mine came out so good that I was asked to do it over again on a huge piece of brown paper that covered the chalkboard. Santa would be bigger than me. I was excused from the regular stuff, given larger brushes, more paint-and sure enough, here came Santa. This was only the beginning. Other teachers, seeing the mural-sized figure, 'borrowed' me to do the same for first- and second-grade classrooms. Flattered but somewhat embarrassed, I took heart, since these gigs were getting me out of a lot of tedious activities like nap time, scissors, yarn, and flash cards. 'All I ever needed to know, I learned in kindergarten' may be true. Twenty years later I found myself on Madison Avenue at Norcross Greeting Cards-yes, drawing Santa Claus.

"I've always been drawn to the field of humor. Since I'm writing and illustrating my own stories now, I try to make them funny in an outrageous or off-the-wall way. During classroom presentations, I again find myself by the chalkboard in front of the kids. Now we are seeking ways to write and draw those ideas that squeeze their way through the everyday chores of our minds. It's a thrill to watch my own book being read by a group of children, and I like it when they smile. But I love it when they laugh."