Under the Wolf, Under the Dog

Under the Wolf, Under the Dog Cover

Under the Wolf, Under the Dog

By Adam Rapp

Candlewick Press (MA), Hardcover, 9780763618186, 320pp.

Publication Date: September 23, 2004


Alternately heartbreaking and starkly humorous, this teenager's brutal story of escape and desire for redemption is masterfully told by award-winning writer and film director Adam Rapp.

I'm what they call a Gray Grouper. The Red Groupers are the junkies and the Blue Groupers are the suicide kids.

Steve Nugent is in a facility called Burnstone Grove. It's a place for kids who are addicts, like Shannon Lynch, who can stick $1.87 in change up his nose, or for kids who have tried to commit suicide, like Silent Starla, whom Steve is getting a crush on. But Steve doesn't really fit in either group. He used to go to a gifted school. So why is he being held at Burnstone Grove? Keeping a journal, in which he recalls his confused and violent past, Steve is left to figure out who he is by examining who he was.

About the Author
Adam Rapp is the author of numerous young adult novels, including 33 Snowfish, Under the Wolf, Under the Dog, and The Buffalo Tree, which was the inspiration for his off-Broadway play The Metal Children. Adam Rapp has also written for TV (The L Word, In Treatment) and was shortlisted for a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2006. He lives in New York City.