Good Dog, Paw!

Good Dog, Paw! Cover

Good Dog, Paw!

By Chinlun Lee (Illustrator); Chinlun Lee

Candlewick, Hardcover, 9780763621780, 40pp.

Publication Date: March 30, 2004


With appealingly childlike artwork, Chinlun Lee shows a day in the life of an earnest little canine who will capture the hearts of the littlest dog lovers.

I am Paw. I love April. April loves me.
She’s my owner. She’s a vet.

Paw is a busy dog. Every morning April gives him his ten-point checkup and then scoots him off to the office where she works as a vet. Paw has an important job there-singing reassuring songs to all the animals as they wait to be seen. But his best song he saves for April at the end of the day! A lighthearted tale that will inspire little readers to practice some loving ten-point care on their own lucky pets.

About the Author

Chinlun Lee, the author-illustrator of THE VERY KIND RICH LADY AND HER ONE HUNDRED DOGS, is an avid animal lover. She’s especially fond of her own dog Paw, who inspired the story that bears his name. "My husband is a veterinarian, and he works with Paw in his practice," she says. "The practice is located right below my home and studio, and it’s a great place to observe animals." Chinlun Lee shares her home in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with eight dogs and one cat — so far.