Beat the Band

Beat the Band Cover

Beat the Band

By Don Calame

Candlewick Press (MA), Hardcover, 9780763646332, 390pp.

Publication Date: September 14, 2010

Get ready for riffs on hot girls, health class, and social hell The outrageously funny boys from "Swim the Fly" return to rock their sophomore year.
In this hilarious sequel to "Swim the Fly, "told from Coop's point of view, it's the beginning of the school year, and the tenth-grade health class must work in pairs on semester-long projects. Matt and Sean get partnered up (the jerks), but Coop is matched with the infamous Hot Dog Helen for a presentation on safe sex. Everybody's laughing, except for Coop, who's convinced that the only way to escape this social death sentence is to win The Battle of the Bands with their group, Arnold Murphy's Bologna Dare. There's just one problem: none of the guys actually plays an instrument. Will Coop regain his cool before it's too late? Or will the forced one-on-one time with Helen teach him a lesson about social status he never saw coming? With ribald humor and a few sweet notes, screenwriter-turned-novelist Don Calame once again hits all the right chords."

About the Author
Don Calame is the author of the young adult novels Swim the Fly, Beat the Band, and Dan Versus Nature. He is also an accomplished screenwriter who has worked with Marvel Studios, the Disney Channel, Lionsgate, Universal Studios, and Paramount Pictures. About Call the Shots, he says, After having written a story from both Matt s and Coop s perspectives, there was no way I could leave poor, gullible, clueless Sean out of the fun. The challenge was, of course, coming up with a story that was uniquely his. I wracked my brain for months until the low-budget movie idea came to me. When I was in college, I worked on one of my professor s independent films, and it was such a nightmare experience filled with so many pitfalls and problems that I knew it was the perfect setting to thrust an unsuspecting Sean into. I m really excited about this book and I think it s the perfect cap to the series. Don Calame was born in New York and now lives in Ontario with his wife and their dog, Scooter.

Praise For Beat the Band

"I couldn't stop laughing at this book. Cooper may be the most unlikely (and yet thoroughly likeable) hero you'll ever find yourself rooting for." — Meg Cabot