Counting Heads

Counting Heads

By David Marusek

Tor Books, Hardcover, 9780765312679, 336pp.

Publication Date: October 20, 2005

"Counting Heads" is David Marusek's extraordinary launch as an SF novelist: The year is 2134, and the Information Age has given rise to the Boutique Economy in which mass production and mass consumption are rendered obsolete. Life extension therapies have increased the human lifespan by centuries. Loyal mentars (artificial intelligence) and robots do most of society's work. The Boutique Economy has made redundant ninety-nine percent of the world's fifteen billion human inhabitants. The world would be a much better place if they all simply went away.
Eleanor K. Starke, one of the world's leading citizens is assassinated, and her daughter, Ellen, is mortally wounded. Only Ellen, the heir to her mother's financial empire, is capable of saving Earth from complete domination plotted by the cynical, selfish, immortal rich, if she, herself, survives. Her cryonically frozen head is in the hands of her family's enemies. A ragtag ensemble of unlikely heroes join forces to rescue Ellen's head, all for their own purposes.
Counting Heads arrives as a science fiction novel like a bolt of electricity, galvanizing readers with an entirely new vision of the future. It's the debut of the year in SF.

About the Author

David Marusek spins his quirky tales of the future by the glow of the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Praise For Counting Heads

Praise for David Marusek:

"David Marusek is an extraordinarily gifted new writer, with unique ears and eyes for the nuances of life and its ironies. . .Readers will want to rush out and buy his work immediately -- once you get an inkling of Marusek, even waiting a week or two for a bookstore to replenish its stock will be asking too much"
--Paul Levinson

"In creating his brilliant, edgy works of fiction, David Marusek infuses his futures with the most essential element of literature: heart. He is one of the most interesting new writers to turn his immense talents to science fiction, and, perhaps, one of the most important."
--Kathleen Goonan

"David Marusek made one of the most dazzling debuts in the history of science fiction. He is a writer of immense talents and a unique and brilliant sustained vision of what the future will be like. And indeed, much of the future of science fiction itself is in his hands. The paths he blazes today will be followed by a dozen others tomorrow."--Gardner Dozois

"David Marusek is one of those writers who is stretching the SF genre."
-Bruce Holland Rogers

"David Marusek is a wonderful writer. . .An important writer in the making!"
--Jack Dann