The Dragons of Babel

The Dragons of Babel Cover

The Dragons of Babel

By Michael Swanwick

Tor Books, Paperback, 9780765331144, 318pp.

Publication Date: October 11, 2011


A fantasy masterpiece from a five-time Hugo Award winner

A war-dragon of Babel crashes in the idyllic fields of a post-industrialized Faerie and, dragging himself into the nearest village, declares himself king and makes young Will his lieutenant. Nightly, he crawls inside the young fey's brain to get a measure of what his subjects think. Forced out of his village, Will travels with female centaur soldiers, witnesses the violent clash of giants, and acquires a surrogate daughter, Esme, who has no knowledge of the past and may be immortal.

Evacuated to the Tower of Babel--infinitely high, infinitely vulgar, very much like New York City--Will meets the confidence trickster Nat Whilk. Inside the Dread Tower, Will becomes a hero to the homeless living in the tunnels under the city, rises as an underling to a haint politician, meets his one true love a high-elven woman he dare not aspire to.

You've heard of hard SF: This is hard fantasy from a master of the form.

About the Author
Michael Swanwick is the winner of five Hugo Awards for his short fiction. His several novels include the Nebula-winning "Stations of the Tide", the time-travel novel "Bones of the Earth", and the industrial fantasy novels "The Iron Dragon s Daughter" and "The Dragons of Babel". He lives in Philadelphia.

Praise For The Dragons of Babel

Praise for The Dragons of Babel: “The Dragons of Babel is an unqualified masterpiece representing the pinnacle of modern fantasy.  Simply put, it is great fantasy as great literature.”--SF “A smart, stark steampunk fantasy.  It’s gritty and magical and, in sensibility, is similar to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and MirrorMask. Original and dashing, The Dragons of Babel is a breath of fresh air.”--Starlog “If you haven’t read Michael Swanwick yet, you’ve been missing some wonderful prose…. Con men and ward heelers, cluricauns and hobgoblins, and a stunningly beautiful elf-woman who rides a hippogriff all entice and enrapture Will, and the reader as well.”--The San Diego Union-Tribune