How Did I Get So Busy?

How Did I Get So Busy? Cover

How Did I Get So Busy?

The 28-Day Plan to Free Your Time, Reclaim Your Schedule, and Reconnect with What Matters Most

By Valorie Burton

Broadway Books, Paperback, 9780767926225, 246pp.

Publication Date: December 26, 2007


Do you feel stressed, overworked, like you're running on empty? Are you caught in the race to get it all done--with little time to enjoy the rewards life has to offer?
There's no doubt about it: these days we are just too busy. With the conveniences of technology, we're compelled to get more done in less time and end up constantly striving for the next thing - rarely stopping to consider if it's something we even want. As a result, we end up missing out on the things that truly matter: our relationships, the activities we love, quiet time to reflect and replenish our energy.
Valorie Burton's" How Did I Get So Busy? "is the solution for anyone who feels perpetually overwhelmed and overworked: a simple, effective 28-day program to help you rediscover your true priorities, shift out of overdrive, and reclaim your life and schedule. Built around Burton's "Ten Commandments of Self-Care," each day presents an easy-to-follow task to help you strip away the meaningless activities that occupy your time and make room for what nourishes you--mind, body, and spirit. The tasks are simple but yield big rewards:
Take a full hour for lunch
Set "no-email" periods
Add fun goals to your to-do list
End your day "on purpose" - meaning that "you" decide when to leave the office, head home, and fall asleep.
Uplifting and inspiring, "How Did I Get So Busy? "offers an easy way to be rid of the busywork that fills our days and rediscover the life you've always wanted.

About the Author
Valorie Burton is a personal life coach and motivational speaker, and the author of "Listen to Your Life," "What's Really Holding You Back," "Why Not You?" and "Rich Minds, Rich Rewards." She has served clients in more than thirty states and seven countries and appeared widely in the national media. Visit her at