National Geographic Complete Birds of North America

National Geographic Complete Birds of North America Cover

National Geographic Complete Birds of North America

By Jonathan Alderfer (Editor)

National Geographic Society, Hardcover, 9780792241751, 664pp.

Publication Date: November 15, 2005

Essential, comprehensive, and easy to use, "National Geographic Complete Book of Birds" is an astonishing resource that covers every bird species in North America, as well as all the migrants that fly through. The entries are organized by family groups-an incredible 82 are included-according to the American Ornithological Union guidelines. Within a family, each separate bird entry has dozens of tips and illustrations on species' genders, age groups, behavior, habitats, nesting and feeding habits, and migration routes. Readers will also find unique features, such as: A quick-find index for the most common bird groups and a full glossaryStraightforward, accessible text by numerous birding experts, including National Geographic's resident birding consultant Jonathan AlderferHundreds of range and migration maps from renowned ornithologist Paul Lehman with National Geographic cartographersState-of-the-art, updated bird illustrations by expert artists, including Jonathan AlderferNew and original photographs from well-known bird photographers Kevin Karlson and Brian Small
Perfect for novice or experienced birders alike, "National Geographic Complete Book of Birds" is a definitive, must-have resource. Quite simply, there is no other volume like it.

About the Author
Jonathan Alderfer, a widely published author and field guide illustrator, is well known in the birding community for his expertise as a field ornithologist and his knowledge of North American birds. He has served as a general consultant and an art consultant for the "National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America" (4th edition) and is the Associate Editor of "Birding, " the magazine of the American Birding Association.