Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Cover

Ancient Greece

Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of Greece's Past

By Marni McGee; Michael Shanks (Consultant)

National Geographic Society, Library Binding, 9780792278726, 64pp.

Publication Date: November 14, 2006

Archaeology unlocks the secrets of Greece's ancient past. Explore the ruins of Greece and Turkey, on land and under sea.
In 1870, amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann discovers Hissarlik, part of Troy.
In 1939, the palace of King Nestor in the Mycenaean city of Messina is unearthed near Pylos. In 1996, artifacts from the city, burned around 1200 B.C., link the site to Homer's "Odyssey."
In 1983, a Turkish diver locates the world's oldest shipwreck, which yields the world's oldest "book" a carved wooden writing tablet with an ivory hinge.
This title brings readers into close contact with scientists working to uncover the secrets of the Ancient Greeks, whose artifacts appear at digs across Europe, Asia Minor, and northern Africa.
"Ancient Greece" includes an interview with underwater archaeologist Faith Hentschel, a past grantee of the National Geographic Society.
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