What Comes Next

What Comes Next

By John Katzenbach

Mysterious Press, Hardcover, 9780802126115, 448pp.

Publication Date: June 5, 2012

When a retired academician witnesses a lovely young woman snatched off the street, he is unsatisfied by the police response and vows to find her on his own. She has been kidnapped and held prisoner by a married couple who have started an exclusive website, named What Comes Next, on which viewers can watch, in real time, what befalls their victims.
What befalls the pretty teenager at the hands of the depraved couple, as thousands follow every moment of her nightmare, provides one of the most terrifying novels of the year.

About the Author
JOHN KATZENBACH has written several bestselling novels, including two Edgar Award nominees and three works that have been made into major motion pictures. Katzenbach has been a criminal court reporter for "The Miami Herald" and "Miami News" and a featured writer for the "Herald" s "Tropic" magazine. He lives in western Massachusetts.