Stripper Lessons

Stripper Lessons Cover

Stripper Lessons

Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers, and Adopted Daughters Tell Their Stories

By John O'Brien; Maureen O'Brien

Grove Press, Paperback, 9780802135070, 201pp.

Publication Date: June 13, 1997

John O'Brien's books have established him as a writer who communicated the voice of the loner with blistering realness and unmistakable force. Stripper Lessons is perhaps O'Brien's most interior and intense novel, a powerful story of one man's obsessive search to belong. Here is the dark and simple life of Carroll, a middle-aged, unmarried, friendless man whose only joy is watching beautiful women dance. Terribly shy and unable to socialize with the people around him, Carroll's fascination with the women at his favorite club is totally innocent-he finds solace in the routine, the rules, and the predictability of the action. But when his desire for a particular dancer takes him one step too far, his entire life threatens to crumble.

About the Author
Jane O'Connor and John O'Brien also collaborated on the companion title "Sir Small and the Dragonfly," They both live in New York City.

Having lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the past twenty-eight years, Maureen "Moe" O'Brien considers herself a Southerner. Originally from Mamaroneck, New York and Bethel, Connecticut, she has settled into the relaxing, laid-back style of southern living. Her "claim to fame," as she likes to call it, is having played professional basketball with The Texas Cowgirls and touring with The Harlem Globetrotters in 1959. An avid golfer, she is a two-time SC Senior Golf Champion. Her book "Who's Got The Ball? And Other Nagging Questions About Team Life," published by Jossey-Bass is a "how to" for team members in all types of work environments. Her poem "A Prayer For Newtown" is published in The Shine Journal. A passionate dog lover, she lives with Miss Maggie Malone, her precious redheaded toy poodle. She is a proud grandma to eight granddaughters, all of whom share her love for dogs.