Training Tallulah

Training Tallulah Cover

Training Tallulah

By Rosie Reeve

Walker Books Ltd, Hardcover, 9780802735904, 32pp.

Publication Date: January 21, 2014

When Tom met Tallulah, he was just a shy little kitten. But Tallulah knew just how to make him feel at home. Tallulah, you see, is very good at speaking CAT. She can always tell exactly what Tom wants from a simple "purr" or "meow." They are the perfect team and best friends...until Tom decides to learn HUMAN. Suddenly their relationship is turned topsy-turvy as Tom starts dressing, walking, and talking like a human...and Rosie won't stop acting like a cat But what will happen when Tom starts wondering...what would it be like to have a dog for a pet? This rebelliously funny picture book from illustrative veteran Rosie Reeve will leave readers wondering . . . exactly how "much" trouble can one rascally cat get up to?

About the Author
ROSIE REEVE is a well-known illustrator with a host of successful children's books under her belt. "Training Tallulah" is Rosie's first book for Walker and the first picture book she has written herself. Rosie now lives in London with her three children.