Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy for All

By Burkard Polster; Matthew Watkins; Matt Tweed

Walker & Company, Hardcover, 9780802778994, 410pp.

Publication Date: October 25, 2011


From basic mathematical and physical formulas that govern much of our world to the components of matter; from the structure of the cosmos to that of the human body-the discoveries of scientists over the last millennium have been remarkable.

Sciencia gathers together Useful Mathematical and Physical Formulae, Q.E.D, Essential Elements, Evolution, The Human Body, and The Compact Cosmos, six elegant and insightful short volumes spanning the realms of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, evolution, and astronomy, offering invaluable information to today's readers. Lavishly illustrated with engravings, woodcuts, and original drawings and diagrams, Sciencia will inspire readers of all ages to take an interest in the interconnected knowledge of the modern sciences.

Beautifully produced in thirteen different colors of ink, Sciencia is an essential reference and an elegant gift.

About the Author
Burkard Polster is a mathematician at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. His previous books include "The Mathematics of Juggling" and "The Geometrical Picture Book,"

Matthew Watkins was born in London in 1970. He trained to be a research mathematician, completing his PhD in 1994, but then left academia to travel and pursue other interests. He has stayed on the periphery of academic mathematics, having been an honorary research fellow at Exeter University since 2000.

Matthew Tweed is a producer, mathematician, and illustrator.