Be Not Anxious

Be Not Anxious Cover

Be Not Anxious

Pastoral Care of Disquieted Souls

By Allan Hugh Cole, Jr.

William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Paperback, 9780802863102, 224pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2008

As Allan Cole knows firsthand, both personally and pastorally, Christians are not immune from anxiety, and many believers go to their church leaders for support and solace. This helpful book draws on narrative approaches to theology and counseling to suggest how pastoral caregivers may effectively minister to anxious persons."Be Not Anxious"provides pastors and other caregivers with a basic understanding of anxiety, including how to identify those suffering from it and how to get at what is making them anxious. Cole focuses both on cognitive-based methods and on common faith practices -- church membership, frequent worship, prayer, Bible reading, service, and confession -- showing how these may provide relief from anxiety. By addressing the roles of both psychiatry and ministry as co-liberators from anxiety, he leads the pastor and the faith community in helping disquieted souls to find rest.