Turtle's Race with Beaver

Turtle's Race with Beaver Cover

Turtle's Race with Beaver

By Joseph Bruchac; James Bruchac; Jose Aruego (Illustrator); Ariane Dewey (Illustrator)

Dial, Hardcover, 9780803728523, 32pp.

Publication Date: September 29, 2003


Turtle wakes up from hibernation to find that her pond has been taken over by a beaver-a selfish beaver who rejects Turtle's offer to share and instead challenges her to a swimming race. The prize? Ownership of the pond-and the loser must leave forever! How can poor little Turtle possibly outswim Beaver with his long flat tail? With brains and cunning, of course.

Here is a bright, rambunctious follow-up to the popular How Chipmunk Got His Stripes, which School Library Journal called, in a starred review, a "polished, cohesive, and energetic [story that] begs to be told." The authors and illustrators once again bring a fresh, lively perspective to a traditional story-this one a Seneca folktale that has much in common with Aesop.