American Idols

American Idols Cover

American Idols

The Worship of the American Dream

By Bob Hostetler

B&H Publishing Group, Paperback, 9780805440782, 235pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2006


Although not inherently corrupt, the American Idol television program has magnified a culture preoccupied with fleeting fame and image overload. Feeding off that frenzy, American Idols takes a necessary look at the false gods in modern society. The golden calf of Bible times may be gone, but in its place today are enslavements to consumerism, celebrity, sexual freedom, easy religion, and more. This timely book helps readers realize and overcome their own idolatries.

About the Author
Bob Hostetler is a writer, editor, speaker, and consultant from southwestern Ohio. His twenty-nine books, which include the award-winning "Don t Check Your Brains at the Door "(co-authored with Josh McDowell)and" The Bone Box, "have sold over 3 million copies. He has won two Gold Medallion Awards, four Ohio Associated Press awards, and an Amy Foundation Award. He is the founding pastor of Cobblestone Community Church in Oxford, Ohio. He and his wife, Robin, have two grown children, Aubrey and Aaron, and four grandchildren.