Cats & Daughters:

Cats & Daughters:

They Don't Always Come When Called

By Helen Brown

Citadel Press, Paperback, 9780806536064, 336pp.

Publication Date: March 26, 2013

Some say your previous cat chooses your new feline. If so, what in cat heaven's name was our beloved Cleo thinking when she sent us a crazy cat like Jonah?
Helen Brown swore she'd never get another cat after her precious Cleo died. But that was before a cute Siamese with an intense blue gaze wrapped her around his paw. Demonstrating the grace of a trapeze artist--and a talent for smashing anything breakable--Jonah seduced the household with his daredevil antics and heart-melting purr.
With her son getting married, her daughter setting off on a potentially dangerous personal quest, and a recent brush with her own mortality, Helen faced a whirlwind of joys and challenges. Yet Jonah proved just the thing to ease the busy household's growing pains.
Uplifting, witty, and wise, here is a story of love and family--four-legged members included.
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"A buoyant tale, heartfelt and open." --"Booklist"
"An absolute must." --"Cat World"
"Even non-cat-lovers will be moved." --"Good Housekeeping.