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The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex

The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex Cover

The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex

By Kristin Schaal; Rich Blomquist; Michael Kupperman (Illustrator)

Chronicle Books (CA), Hardcover, 9780811871266, 192pp.

Publication Date: July 28, 2010

Welcome to a Sexy World of Sexy Sex.Sex is the most powerful and important thing in the universe, and if you arent instantly good at it you probably never will be and everyone will laugh at you. This is something you should know before even attempting sex.Fortunately, you hold in your hands the ultimate guide to getting your rocks off, rigorously field tested by the authors. Every sexual technique they have tried. Every erogenous zone they have erogenated. Every STD they have suffered fromsometimes for way too longjust to see what would happen.But bewarethis sexy knowledge comes with a terrible price: After you have read this book, there is no going back.Once absorbed, the wisdom contained in The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex cannot be unlearnt. You may easily spend the rest of your life orgasming your brains out, and neglecting your friendships, your career, and every other aspect of your life that doesnt involve constant genital stimulation. To call you a mindless sex zombie would be putting it gently. But you will be completely satisfied . . . as will your legions of sexual partners.WELL, ARE YOU IN?

About the Author
Kristen Schaal is an actress, writer, and comedienne. She played the role of Mel in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords. She also appears on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as the Senior Women's Issues commentator.

Rich Blomquist is a staff writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, for which he has won five Emmy Awards, and a contributor to Saturday Night Live. He and Kristen live together in New York.

Praise For The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex

Of course, I was lucky enough to see Rich and Kristen's famous lovemaking seminar and demonstration LIVE at the TED Conference, and I can assure you, I am 40 percent sexier as a result. But for those of you who cannot afford their $4,000 fee (and the required tarps and opera glasses), this book offers you a rare, essential glimpse into the Schaal/Blomquist method of ADVANCED DOING-IT, and finally a chance at 40 percent sexiness.

Hilarious and now I finally know where sex books come from.