Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

The Definitive Rules for Dressing Thin for Every Height, Size, and Shape

By Leah Feldon

Villard Books, Paperback, 9780812967654, 176pp.

Publication Date: December 24, 2002


With a rousing “we’re all in this together” attitude, Leah Feldon proves that a well-chosen wardrobe can render any figure fabulous. “All we have to do,” writes Feldon, “is choose the right clothes—clothes that camouflage any real or imagined figure flaws rather than highlighting them—and learn how to do it with ultimate style and confidence.” Take five pounds off your look with a new hemline; disguise a bit of bulge with a cleverly designed blouse; highlight your best assets with the perfect accessories. The key to “camouflage chic” is dressing to suit your body type, comfort level, and lifestyle—all while maximizing your own personal flair.

Instead of spending another moment agonizing in front of the closet, you’ll learn how to:
* distinguish between “yes” and “no” colors
* lose the tummy without the tuck
* perk up your basic black
* create optical illusions for a long, lean look
* conquer the dreaded bathing-suit challenge
* follow timeless tenets of good taste

Packed with empowering, easy-to-implement tips, fun illustrations, and celebrity style secrets, Does This Make Me Look Fat? provides all the information you’ll need to create a slimmer, more stylish, and better-proportioned look (and to help your man do it, too!).

About the Author
Robert A. Greene, M.D. is one of the country's leading hormone specialists, a world-renowned brain researcher, and founder of Specialty Care for Women, a medical clinic in Redding, California, specializing in women's hormones. This is his first book.
Leah Feldon is a bestselling author, respected journalist, and cowriter of numerous health books, including the" New York Times" bestseller "The Okinawa Program" and its sequel, "The Okinawa Diet Plan,"

"From the Hardcover edition."

Praise For Does This Make Me Look Fat?

“Words to live by . . . This chatty, entertaining illustrated volume by fashion guru [Leah] Feldon . . . offers up some useful skinny on looking svelte.” —People

“Follow these rules to banish the ‘F’ word from your vocabulary forever.” —Glamour

“This slimming bible goes beyond choosing vertical stripes over horizontals. . . . The next time you ask the question ‘Does this make me look fat?,’ the answer will be a resounding ‘no!’” —New York Daily News