Welcome to Hard Times

Welcome to Hard Times

By E. L. Doctorow

Random House Trade, Paperback, 9780812978223, 212pp.

Publication Date: September 11, 2007

Hard Times is the name of a town in the barren hills of the Dakota Territory. To this town there comes one day one of the reckless sociopaths who wander the West to kill and rape and pillage. By the time he is through and has ridden off, Hard Times is a smoking ruin. The de facto mayor, Blue, takes in two survivors of the carnage a boy, Jimmy, and a prostitute, Molly, who has suffered unspeakably and makes them his provisional family. Blue begins to rebuild Hard Times, welcoming new settlers, while Molly waits with vengeance in her heart for the return of the outlaw. Here is E. L. Doctorow's debut novel, a searing allegory of frontier life that sets the stage for his subsequent classics.
A forceful, credible story of cowardice and evil.
" The Washington Post"
We are caught up with these people as real human beings.
" Chicago Sun-Times
Dramatic and exciting.
"The New York Times
Terse and powerful.
" Newsweek"
A taut, bloodthirsty read.
" The Times Literary Supplement"
A superb piece of fiction.
" The New Republic.

About the Author
Edgar Lawrence Doctorow is an American author known for his works of historical fiction.