Coming of Age

Coming of Age Cover

Coming of Age

The True Adventures of Two American Teens

By G. Wayne Miller

Random House (NY), Paperback, 9780812992069, 272pp.

Publication Date: June 2, 2001

G. Wayne Miller explores the drama and passion teenagers hide from everyone but their peers in this warm, funny, and eye-opening account of two kids from a small New England town as they come of age. As Dave Bettencourt, seventeen, begins his senior year of high school, there are many things he wants to do: be elected class clown; start on the varsity basketball team; turn his high school upside down with his radical underground newspaper, Total Godhead; finally convince his mother, a biology teacher, that he ll never be a scientist; and take his strikingly beautiful girlfriend, Beth Sunn whose passion is in-your-face rap to the prom. Beth's plans for her sophomore year include: loving Dave forever; being a cheerleader; surviving school; and staying absolutely cool. All over America, teens like Beth and Dave are coming of age in a world that is dramatically different from the one in which most of us grew up. But their experience is universal: They re falling in love, defying their parents, learning to be independent, and discovering who they are. This is the true story of two kids growing up on Main Street, U.S.A., away from urban violence and the glare of the national media a place where, despite all the pressures of a new age, it is still possible to believe the good things about being young.
Offers a sympathetic and insightful portrait of high school life in the heartland. Julie Salamon, author of "Devil's Candy.