Listening and Longing

Listening and Longing Cover

Listening and Longing

Music Lovers in the Age of Barnum

By Daniel Cavicchi

Wesleyan, Hardcover, 9780819571618, 280pp.

Publication Date: December 15, 2011

Listening and Longing explores the emergence of music listening in the United States, from its early stages in the antebellum era, when entrepreneurs first packaged and sold the experience of hearing musical performance, to the Gilded Age, when genteel critics began to successfully redefine the cultural value of listening to music. In a series of interconnected stories, American studies scholar Daniel Cavicchi focuses on the impact of industrialization, urbanization, and commercialization in shaping practices of music audiences in America. Grounding our contemporary culture of listening in its seminal historical moment before the iPod, stereo system, or phonograph Cavicchi offers a fresh understanding of the role of listening in the history of music.

About the Author
Daniel Cavicchi teaches American history and culture at the Rhode Island School of Design and is co-editor of My Music (1993).