Circle the Truth

Circle the Truth

By Pat Schmatz

Carolrhoda Books, Hardcover, 9780822572688, 188pp.

Publication Date: October 2007

Strange things are happening in Rith's house at night. First a spiral staircase replaces the regular stairs. The new stairs lead to a living room that isn't his, a cat that isn't his either, and a bizarre old man whose words are just gibberish. Or are they? Rith's never been into religion. But he realizes those words have a spiritual source?and an uncanny ring of truth. Is he just dreaming? Is the old man God? As Rith tries to circle closer to the truth, the line between reality and unreality blurs?

About the Author
Pat Schmatz is the author of three previous books: Mrs. Estronsky and the U.F.O., Mousetraps, and Circle the Truth, which was named a Bank Street College Best Children s Book of the Year. She was awarded the 2010 PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship for Bluefish. About the book, she says, I started with Travis, a loner with a kind heart and an eye for beauty. He loved the woods and swamp and had no desire to move out. But when Velveeta s colorful scarves caught his eye and mine all three of us began a walk through the world of possibility. Pat Schmatz lives in rural Wisconsin.