By Mary Jane Auch; Mary Jane (Illustrator); Herm Auch (Illustrator)

Holiday House, Hardcover, 9780823418046, 1pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2005

When Chickerella's new stepmother and stepsisters move in, life in the chicken coop takes a turn for the worse. This hilarious take on the classic fairy tale spoofs high fashion and other notions with good humor. Full color.

About the Author
"The Easter Egg Farm" is Mary Jane Auch's first picture book. "I've always wanted to illustrate children's books," she says, "but the ideas that came to me were for older children, so I wrote novels instead. Then one day I had an idea about a chicken, and I thought it would make a good picture book. I've loved chickens since I was little. "The Easter Egg Farm" was inspired by some special hens we raised when my children were young. The hens laid pastel-colored eggs. We never had a chicken as talented as Pauline, but one of our hens laid lavender eggs with pink spots-honest! Those eggs wouldn't hatch out on a sunny windowsill, though. Only magic eggs can do that." Ms. Auch has written seven popular novels for Holiday House, including "A Sudden Change of Family and Kidnapping Kevin Kowalski." She majored in art at Skidmore College and was an illustrator for "Penny-whistle Press. She lives with her husband, Herm, and their tow children on a farm near Rochester, New York.

Mary Jane is a graduate of Harvey Mudd College. She is an engineer by day and a novelist by night. Her previous published work is "Fate," available on You can find out more about her at:

In high school Herm Auch painted sets for school plays, drawings for the yearbook, and was commissioned to do a landscape painting for one of his father s friends. While still in high school, Herm worked as an engraving apprentice for an offset printing company.

When it was time to go to college, Herm followed his teacher s prophecy by enrolling as an illustration major at Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In the summers between his college years, he worked for an art agency where one of his assignments was illustrating a book. In his senior year at RIT, Herm started working at the Gannett Rochester Newspapers.

In 1966, he met MJ Springer, who soon became his wife. For a number of years, Herm had a weekly editorial cartoon called Herm Auch s Rochester. In 1975 Herm and columnist Dick Dougherty were assigned to ride across the country on bicycles, writing and illustrating the Bike Centennial series. In their three month odyssey, the two newsmen found fascinating stories of real people from coast to coast. Herm served as the photographer and illustrator for the project.

Herm made his first venture into children's books by illustrating I Was A Third Grade Science Project, written by Mary Jane. After forty years as a newspaper graphic artist, Herm retired in 2000 to pursue a new career as a children s book illustrator.