Time Zones

Time Zones

By David A. Adler; Edward Miller (Illustrator)

Holiday House, Hardcover, 9780823422012, 31pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2010

What are time zones and why do they exist? When it's noon where you live, why is it midnight halfway around the world? This entertaining book explains why time zones exist and includes little-known facts and historical lore, an explanation of Daylight Savings Time, and a hands-on activity that can be performed at home or in the classroom.

About the Author
DAVID ADLER has written more than a hundred books, including Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man and Mama Played Baseball. He lives on Long Island, New York.

"Ed Miller was born in 1933 into a long line of Ribble estuary shooters and fishers. After his education at King Edward VII School, Lytham, he joined a Lancashire freelance press agency and remained in full-time journalism for eight years.At 26 he bought Entwistle Guns, in Blackpool, a business established in the late Victorian era, and shortly afterwards opened a branch in Preston.Adhering to a long-term plan, he retired to the Lake District before he was 50 to 'play village cricket and do a lot more shooting and fishing'.A serious cycling accident in 1990 threatened to end his active life, but he recovered sufficiently to resume his beloved goose shooting.Now he concentrates on driving his teenage son, Jago, in the early hours of winter mornings, to marshes as far apart as the Ribble, Morecambe Bay and the Solway. All are reachable in little more than an hour from their Cumbrian base.'The frisson of pre-drawn forays and the sounds, sights and smells of saltings - they stir me as much as they did over 60 years ago.'"