A Dog on His Own

A Dog on His Own Cover

A Dog on His Own

By Mary Jane Auch

Holiday House, Paperback, 9780823422432, 153pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2009

K-10 is a cut above other dogs, and his mother has given him the name to prove it. He thinks he doesn't need friends--canine or human. Can this not-so-old dog learn a new trick--friendship?

About the Author
"The Easter Egg Farm" is Mary Jane Auch's first picture book. "I've always wanted to illustrate children's books," she says, "but the ideas that came to me were for older children, so I wrote novels instead. Then one day I had an idea about a chicken, and I thought it would make a good picture book. I've loved chickens since I was little. "The Easter Egg Farm" was inspired by some special hens we raised when my children were young. The hens laid pastel-colored eggs. We never had a chicken as talented as Pauline, but one of our hens laid lavender eggs with pink spots-honest! Those eggs wouldn't hatch out on a sunny windowsill, though. Only magic eggs can do that." Ms. Auch has written seven popular novels for Holiday House, including "A Sudden Change of Family and Kidnapping Kevin Kowalski." She majored in art at Skidmore College and was an illustrator for "Penny-whistle Press. She lives with her husband, Herm, and their tow children on a farm near Rochester, New York.