Nightshade City

Nightshade City Cover

Nightshade City

By Hilary Wagner

Holiday House, Hardcover, 9780823422852, 262pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2010

Deep beneath a modern metropolis lies the Catacombs, the kingdom of mutant rats of superior intellect. Following a bloody coup, the once peaceful democracy has become a dictatorship, ruled by decadent High Minister Kildeer and vicious Billycan, a demented former lab rat and now head of the Kill Army. Three young orphan rats--brothers Vincent and Victor and a clever female named Clover--rebel against the Ministry, joining forces with Juniper, Billycan's archenemy. Juniper and his maverick bank of followers, helped by a tribe of earthworms, plot to overthrow their oppressors and liberate the citizens to create a new city: Nightshade City. This impossible-to-put-down animal fantasy, set in a brilliantly imagined subterranean world, explores timeless themes of freedom, forgiveness, the bonds of family, and the power of love.

About the Author
Hilary Wagner lives in the Chicago suburbs. Her first book, "Nightshade City", was called "a good story well-told" by Kirkus Reviews, which also said, "Fans of Suzanne Collins's Underland Chronicles and Brian Jacques's Redwall series will enjoy this fast-paced adventure." Visit her website at