Seeing Symmetry

Seeing Symmetry Cover

Seeing Symmetry

By Loreen Leedy

Holiday House, Hardcover, 9780823423606, 32pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2012

This book is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for fourth-grade mathematics in geometry: (4.G.3).
Once you start looking, you can find symmetry all around you. Symmetry is when one shape looks the same if you flip, slide, or turn it. It's in words and even letters. It's in both nature and man-made things. In fact, art, design, decoration, and architecture are full of it. This clear and concise book explains different types of symmetry and shows you how to make your own symmetrical masterpieces. Notes and glossary are included.

About the Author
Loreen Leedy's innovative nonfiction picture books cover wide-ranging topics such as arithmetic, the planets, writing letters, and geography. Her fresh approach, clear explanations of concepts, and sense of fun make her books popular in schools and libraries, and at home.