FDR & Stalin

FDR & Stalin

A Not So Grand Alliance, 1943-1945

By Amos Perlmutter

University of Missouri, Hardcover, 9780826209108, 352pp.

Publication Date: August 1993


Perlmutter's hard-hitting, revisionist history of Roosevelt's foreign policy explores FDR's not-so-grand alliance with the ruthless Soviet leader. As the first Western scholar granted access to key foreign ministry documents recently declassified in the former Soviet Union, Perlmutter provides a provocative portrait of a popular leader whose failure to comprehend Stalin's long-range goals had devastating results for the postwar world.

About the Author
Amos Perlmutter was professor of political science and sociology at American University. Author of fifteen books on comparative politics and international relations, he was a frequent contributor to such publications as the "Wall Street Journal", the "New York Times", and the "Washington Post".

Praise For FDR & Stalin

"Mr. Perlmutter has accomplished a remarkable feat, as much entrepreneurial as scholarly, in coaxing out of the Russians a fascinating assortment of internal Soviet memoranda and telegraphic reports on the U.S.-Soviet relationship."—National Review

"Perlmutter's interpretation of the FDR-Stalin relationship emerges from a scholarly examination of new sources and confirms what many contemporary critics argued in the mid-1940s; namely, that the American President was a failure as a diplomat and that he contributed to the outbreak of the Cold War."—Presidential Studies Quarterly