Flashbacks: Cover


Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury

By G. B. Trudeau

Andrews McMeel Publishing, Paperback, 9780836204360, 336pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 1995


"Garry Trudeau is the premier American social and political satirist of his time." --Newsweek

"Not since Thomas Nast has there been a more effective political and social cartoonist." --Oakland Tribune

Doonesbury has managed to be articulate, abrasive, political, compassionate, misunderstood, misprinted, and outrageous--but one thing it's never been is complacent. Garry Trudeau's creation has chronicled American history and culture in a parallel universe. And through it all, Doonesbury has always been honest, entertaining, and way, way cool.

In Flashbacks, Trudeau collects his thoughts and cartoons in a highly annotated four-color book. Through its pages, Flashbacks reunites the disparate personalities that make up the cast of Doonesbury: Mike, Zonker, Boopsie, Joanie, Lacey Davenport, Mark Slackmeyer, and, of course, Uncle Duke.

Flashbacks is a compendium of the many singular moments of Doonesbury, moments that mark the times of our own lives.

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