Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger

By Alexander Alberro; Martha Gever; Miwon Kwon

Rizzoli International Publications, Hardcover, 9780847833252, 307pp.

Publication Date: April 20, 2010


A seminal volume celebrating the career of influential American artist Barbara Kruger, made in collaboration with the artist.

Bold, philosophical, radical, subversive: the art of Barbara Kruger focuses on decoding the social-psychological messages embedded in popular culture. Marrying pictures to words in a variety of media and sites, Kruger raises issues of power politics, sexuality, and representation. Borrowing slogans and phrases from the lexicon of thought, and using the potent weapon of pure graphics, Kruger’s art offers up powerfully distilled messages of word and image. This beautifully designed book is the most comprehensive volume on Kruger’s body of work to date. The book explores her work over the past thirty years, including many previously unpublished works. Aptly designed to embody a manifesto-like aesthetic, the book also presents bold spreads of the artist’s large-scale works and public projects, which confront such controversial and weighty topics as abortion, consumerism, spirituality, and identity.

About the Author
Alexander Alberro is Virginia Bloedel Wright '51 Associate Professor of Art History at Barnard College. He is the author of "Conceptual Art and the Politics of Publicity (2000), " and coeditor (with Blake Stimson) of "Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology" (2000), both published by the MIT Press.

Miwon Kwon is Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Praise For Barbara Kruger

"One of today's most celebrated artists, Barbara Kruger, who began as a graphic designer for Condé Nast and helped pioneer a genre that liberally employs typography and advertising techniques... Among other things, Kruger is a masterly usurper and lampooner of manipulative advertising codes.  And the current book, which spans 30 years, shows just how smartly she has appropriated design and typography in many formats and media." ~New York Times Book Review

"Words are Barbara Kruger's weapons and she wields them masterfully..." ~Nylon

"This comprehensive volume, beautifully designed in close collaboration with the artist herself, explores her output over the past 30 years including many previously unpublished pieces."

"Another great book due out soon from Rizzoli New York has just arrived here, a monograph entitled Barbara Kruger, which documents the thought-provoking, Futura Bold Oblique-driven work of the world famous contemporary artist." ~Typo-Graphical