You Didn't Complete Me

You Didn't Complete Me Cover

You Didn't Complete Me

When the One Turns Out to Be Just Someone

By Joanna Harris

Thomas Nelson, Paperback, 9780849945250, 212pp.

Publication Date: December 6, 2004


More often than not, women tend to lose themselves in relationships, believing they have found "The One"-- the discovery that signifies the end of loneliness. The assurance of happily every after. If this relationship is lost, all seems lost. But what happens when you meet "The One" and he turns out to be just someone? What do you do when the love of your life becomes the heartbreak of your life?

JoAnna Harris understands. After a broken engagement, she was forced to confront the inevitable void after the break-up and truly answer the question -- Who am I without this relationship? While wading through intense heartbreak, JoAnna says, "I discovered that the end of my relationship was not the end of me. That in Christ, I am complete and whole."

Using her own story of heartbreak and healing, JoAnna will make you laugh and encourage you in your own journey to healing and discovery.

About the Author
JoAnna Harris lives just south of Nashville, Tennessee with one husband, Ryan, and one dog, Minnie. She's the marketing chick for a rock label and enjoys long sleeve t-shirts, Diet Coke and the TV show 24. While not writing books, JoAnna writes about life on her blog, The Glamorous Life.