Pretty Little Dead Things

Pretty Little Dead Things

A Thomas Usher Novel

By Gary McMahon

Angry Robot, Mass Market Paperbound, 9780857660701, 416pp.

Publication Date: December 28, 2010

Following a car crash in which his wife and daughter are killed, he can see the recently departed, and it's not usually a pretty sight. When he is called to investigate the violent death of the daughter of a prominent local gangster, Usher's world is torn apart once more. For the barriers between this world and the next are not as immutable as once he believed.
Mashing together the grittiest British police procedural with dark supernatural terror, author Gary McMahon creates a refreshingly new take on horror fiction.

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About the Author
Gary McMahon is the acclaimed author of nine novels and several short story collections. His latest novel releases are BEYOND HERE LIES NOTHING (the third in the acclaimed Concrete Grove series, published by Solaris) THE END (an apocalyptic drama published by NewCon Press) and THE BONES OF YOU (a supernatural mystery published by Earthling Publications), and his short fiction has been reprinted in various "Year's Best" volumes. Gary lives with his family in Yorkshire, where he trains in Shotokan karate and likes running in the rain. Website:

Praise For Pretty Little Dead Things

“Gary McMahon’s vision is as bleak as a Yorkshire moor, but it glows with a wintry light that illuminates the dark we live in. His prose and his sense of place are precise and evocative, and his characters are as real as you and me. He’s one of the darkest – which is to say brightest – new stars in the firmament of horror fiction.” - Ramsey Campbell

Pretty Little Dead Things is a very disturbing read. Gary McMahon seems intent on taking readers through the looking glass and tearing down the walls between the living and the dead. He creates dark, hallucinatory images that burn in your brain forever. One very creepy dude, and this is his creepiest to date.” - Christopher Fowler

“Gary McMahon’s horror is heartfelt, his characters flawed and desperate, and this book is a rich feast of loss, guilt, and redemption. His vivid ideas are given life in beautiful prose, and the book leaves you staring into shadows that weren’t there before. His talent shines, and is set to burn brighter still.” - Tim Lebbon

"I had to finish it early enough in the evening so it wouldn't follow me to bed." - Gill Polack

"A cool, dark, downbeat horror-thriller, this is the first of two Usher novels that McMahon will publish through Angry Robot books and it’s a killer... Full of inventive, realistic characters, gruesome set pieces and a very nasty dark turn from The Pilgrim, this is a startling, demanding novel, that I recommend highly." - Mark West, Strange Tales

"Pretty Little Dead Things
is horror at it's best, an intelligent, dark mind-warping novel of power and imagination." - SciFi & Fantasy Books

the mood in Gary McMahon's Pretty Little Dead Things is heavy with grief, foreboding, and the taint of weird magic, and it's so thick you can stir it with a spoon. It's the taste of ash in your mouth, and it's absolutely delicious." - Ros Jackson, Warpcore SF

Ranking this book out of ten – I give it 835. If you have emotions – if you’ve ever loved and lost – if you’ve ever had a regret – and if you’ve ever had a paranormal experience – this book will blow you away!" - Author Poppet

This is a compelling novel, the puzzle structure of the whodunnit remixed to great effect with the dread of the best horror. Not so much hard-boiled as hard-nuked, this novel puts McMahon firmly in the front ranks of the new wave of British horror." - The Guardian

"McMahon’s first Usher novel is a stupendous feat of hideousness. In the best possible way." -Stanley Riiks' Blog