Money, Sex, War, Karma

Money, Sex, War, Karma Cover

Money, Sex, War, Karma

Notes for a Buddhist Revolution

By David R. Loy

Wisdom Publications (MA), Paperback, 9780861715589, 159pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2008


David R. Loy has become perhaps the greatest advocate of the Buddhist worldview's ability to transform the sociopolitical landscape of the modern world. In this, his most accessible work to date, he offers clear presentations of oft-misunderstood Buddhist staples the working of karma, the nature of self, the causes of trouble on both an individual and societal scale while also inviting readers to examine topics closer to home, such as Why We Love War” and the real reasons behind the sense of never having enough time, money, sex, security, or anything else. His Buddhist Revolution” is nothing less than a radical change in the ways readers can approach their lives, the environment, the collective delusions that pervade modern culture, and even spirituality itself. Bracing yet ultimately hopeful and empowering, Money, Sex, War, Karma offers positive tools for contributing to societal change.

About the Author
David R. Loy's previous books include the acclaimed "Money, Sex, War, Karma," "The Great Awakening: A Buddhist Social Theory," and "The Dharma of Dragons and Daemons," a finalist for the 2006 Mythopoeic Scholarship Award. He was the Besl Professor of Ethics/Religion and Society at Cincinnati's Xavier University.