The Beautiful Sound of Silence

The Beautiful Sound of Silence

By Paul Charles

Brandon Books, Hardcover, 9780863223778, 282pp.

Publication Date: October 2008

An annual Halloween Bonfire goes horribly wrong when a body is spotted in the middle of the fire's glowing timbers. Identifiable only through his dental records, the victim is retired police Superintendent David Peters, an ex-colleague of DI Christy Kennedy. As Kennedy and his team settle down to a painstaking search through Peters' cases, they soon discover that for the superintendent the means justified the end in solving them, and each case they review throws up another suspect.

About the Author
Paul Charles agent, promoter, author, and fan of The Beatles, was born in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. His books include" Last Boat to Camden Town" and "I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass".