Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Nevada

Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Nevada Cover

Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Nevada

By Ted Floyd; Chris S. Elphick; Graham Chisholm

University of Nevada Press, Hardcover, 9780874176957, 581pp.

Publication Date: March 9, 2007

Nevada's diverse landscape, which ranges from lofty alpine peaks to marshy wetlands, saline playas, sagebrush-covered steppes, and lush agricultural valleys, is home to a surprising number and variety of bird species."The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Nevada"documents the first-ever statewide survey of breeding birds, undertaken between 1997 and 2000. The book presents the 275 species of birds that breed in Nevada, with a description of each bird; an analysis of its breeding distribution within the state; discussion of its conservation status; a line drawing by artist Ray Nelson; a map illustrating its distribution throughout the state; and summary statistics on its breeding status, habitat distribution and abundance. The atlas, a project of the Great Basin Bird Observatory, has as its major objective the quantification of the diversity and grandeur of Nevada's bird life. It also addresses questions about the management and conservation of bird populations in the state, range limits, the impact of bird population changes, and the future prospects of various species, given current and projected patterns of land use. The book reflects meticulous and lengthy research by some of the state's most respected ornithologists and a corps of dedicated volunteers, and it is an invaluable resource for scientists, birders, conservationists, and anyone interested in the rich natural heritage of Nevada.

About the Author
Ted Floyd is the editor of "Birding", the flagship publication of the American Birding Association. He has published widely on birds and ecological topics, and he is an instructor with the American Birding Association's Institute for Field Ornithology program. Floyd is a frequent speaker at birding festivals and other birding events, and he has led birding trips and workshops throughout North America. He has lived and birded in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New York, and Nevada. He currently lives in Colorado with his wife Kei, daughter Hannah, and son Andrew.

Chisholm is executive director for the Nature Conservancy of California. He is cofounder of the Great Basin Bird Observatory and has been active in conserving the wetlands of the Lahontan Valley.