Sisterhood of the Night

Sisterhood of the Night Cover

Sisterhood of the Night

By Becky Usry

New Horizon Press, Hardcover, 9780882821344, 200pp.

Publication Date: September 15, 1995

The daring efforts of a single mother to change the life of prostitutes leads her and her family into a shadowy world fraught with perils and danger. Hers is a story so packed with chilling twists and precarious turns that it seems fiction, but this is the true life experience of Becky Usry and her family as they gradually, but inexorably, become caught up in the welfare of the Sisterhood of the Night. Countering the glamorous images of Pretty Woman and the Mayflower Madam, Becky's story is filled with harrowing details of life on the streets. It sheds new light on the real problems of prostitution: the power struggle between organized crime and the law; and the victimization of men, women, and children by pimps and johns who treat them as objects to be bought, sold, or permanently disposed of when necessary.

About the Author
Becky Usry is the founder of "Project New Life," a program designed to help individuals break free from prostitution. Beginning as a volunteer at a California city jail she pioneered and later directed a city-wide program and many others like it. Ms. Usry is currently lobbying Congress to pass strict anti-pandering legislation and to initiate her programs nationwide. She currently resides in Wasilla, Alaska.