By Phyllis Gotlieb; Nalo Hopkinson (Afterword by)

Robert J Sawyer Books, Paperback, 9780889953857, 224pp.

Publication Date: February 23, 2007


On a dark and moonless planet, mutations have left women as little more than wombs, while men can teleport but have limited control over the ability. When aliens come to plunder this world's resources, the already harsh environment degrades exponentially. Will the Galactic Federation find this world in time to help the natives restore their women and save their civilization?

A visionary novel in the tradition of Ursula K. LeGuin and James Tiptree, Jr., by a leading feminist author.

With an afterword by Nalo Hopkinson.

"Phyllis Gotlieb is the grand dame of Canadian SF, a poet with a cosmic perspective who elevates space opera to high art."
-- "Robert J. Sawyer"

"The best SF novel I've read in years."
-- "The Globe and Mail" on "Flesh and Gold"

"A new novel from Phyllis Gotlieb is a major event."
-- "Candas Jane Dorsey "

"Gotlieb knows how to do it right."
-- "Analog Science Fiction and Fact"

About the Author
Phyllis Gotlieb was born in Toronto, Canada where she still currently resides. She is married to Calvin Gotlieb, now professor emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Toronto and has three grown children, and four grandchildren. She has published five volumes of poetry, nine novels (eight of them science fiction), as well as two story collections, and has co-edited an anthology of Canadian science fiction. Versions of her works have appeared in nine languages worldwide.

Nalo Hopkinson is the author of "The New Moon s Arms", "The Salt Roads", "Midnight Robber", and "Brown Girl in the Ring", among many others. She has won numerous awards, including the John W. Campbell Award, the World Fantasy Award, and Canada s Sunburst Award for fantasy literature. Her award-winning short fiction collection "Skin Folk" was selected for the 2002 "New York Times" Summer Reading List and was one of the "New York Times" Best Books of the Year. Currently, she is a professor of creative writing at the University of California Riverside.