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The Bridge Over the River Kwai

The Bridge Over the River Kwai Cover

The Bridge Over the River Kwai

By Pierre Boulle

Presidio Press, Paperback, 9780891419136, 207pp.

Publication Date: August 28, 2007


1942: Boldly advancing through Asia, the Japanese need a train route from Burma going north. In a prison camp, British POWs are forced into labor. The bridge they build will become a symbol of service and survival to one prisoner, Colonel Nicholson, a proud perfectionist. Pitted against the warden, Colonel Saito, Nicholson will nevertheless, out of a distorted sense of duty, aid his enemy. While on the outside, as the Allies race to destroy the bridge, Nicholson must decide which will be the first casualty: his patriotism or his pride.

Praise For The Bridge Over the River Kwai

“[A] lightning-fast adventure and suspense story.”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“An amazing story . . . jumpy with suspense.”
–The New Yorker

“A fine story of adventure in which a highly original conception makes a psychologically rich situation out of what could have easily been a simple tale of daring.”
–Chicago Tribune

“An exciting story of action.”
–The Atlantic Monthly

“Intelligent and thrilling.”
–New York Post

“A memorable novel brilliantly conceived and brilliantly written.”
–Harper’s Magazine

“Superb . . . suspenseful.”